Industry-leading AHF Launched by CEED Electric 2024

CEDD Electric has always been committed to power technology innovation, as a leader in Chinese electrical industry. Recently, we participated in a project jointly developed with Hefei University of Technology, a new generation of active harmonic filter (AHF).

Significant Advantages of The AHF Products by CEED Electric:

  • Accurate Detection and Dynamic Compensation: With the help of digital operation processor and field programmable logic gate array chip, fast Fourier and orthogonal decomposition operations are performed, and harmonic instructions are actively extracted, as well as the harmonic compensation is performed within the us-level control cycle.

  • Advanced Topology and Application Expansion: The three-level neutral point clamp topology switch ripple is smaller, the cost of semiconductor devices and filters is lower, and the product market competitiveness is greater. New energy products with three-level converters as the core are more diversified and have broader application prospects.

  • Core Algorithms and Control Logic: Products include but are not limited to the following algorithms: automatic start and fault restart algorithm, pulse sequence reliable driving algorithm, dynamic forgetting filter algorithm, multi-cycle feedforward interpolation algorithm, improved current deadbeat control algorithm, and other aspects.

  • Network Interface and Intelligent Monitoring: With the help of communication and data transmission units, remote data monitoring and real-time control are realized, assisting the terminal operation and maintenance center in remote fault analysis and diagnosis, and strengthening the long-term safe and stable operation advantages of the product.

Besides on our core advantages, CEDD Electric AHF also provides you with more surprises:

  • Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction: Improve power factor, reduce electricity costs, we will achieve a triple-win situation of energy saving, environmental protection and economic benefits.

  • Extend the Life Circle of Equipment: Resistance to harmonic attack is fundamental to the protection of electrical equipment and will extend equipment life while reducing maintenance costs.

  • Improve Power Grid Efficiency: Power losses will be reduced, and grid operation optimized, as it guarantees a 100% reliable power supply.

CEDD electric always adheres to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, constantly breaks through technical barriers, and provides you with advanced and reliable electrical solutions. CEED will protect the safety and stability of your power grid! Contact CEDD Electric today for a free consultation and quote to give your grid a new look and a cost-effective electrical solution!


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