Compact Sub-Station


Compact Substation (also known as Prefabricated Substation) is a power substation which pre-assembled and tested in factory and can be deployed quickly. It usually consists of one or more transformers, switchgear, protection equipment, control equipment and power distribution equipment, etc., and can be used in power transmission and distribution systems. Compact Substations are widely used in construction sites/field sites/mines fields for temporary power supply, in small sized factories/residential areas as reliable power supply, and it also be used in new energy fields such as photovoltaic power plants and wind power plants.

Fast Deployment:  The compact substation can be pre-assembled and tested, highly reducing construction time and costs while ensuring project quality and performance. It is an ideal choice for emergency or temporary power supply.

Highly Integrated:  Compact substations adopt modular design, integrating transformers, switchgears, control systems into one compact structure, reducing space and facilitating transportation.

Suitable for Outdoor Use:  Compact substation is designed to prevent dust, water, and corrosion. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, humidity, high salinity and corrosive, which is perfect for outdoor use.

Flexibility and Mobility:  Compact substation can be used in different distribution architectures such as ring network power distribution systems, dual power distribution systems and radiation terminal distribution systems. It can also be moved by the changes in power demand, providing mobile power supply solutions.

Reliability and Safety:  Our products have undergone rigorous design and testing, which are highly reliable and safe. According to customer’s needs, advanced protection and monitoring systems can be installed to monitor equipment status, detect faults, and send alarms in real-time, ensuring the equipment operated safely.

Fully Customizable:  Based on customer needs, we support customization for different voltage levels, transformer capacities, and environmental adaptations to tailor the most suitable solution for customers.

As professional MV switchgear manufacturer, we provide fully customization service according to the customer’s local requirements, electricity standards, environments, climates and so on. The followings are supported for customization:

Rated Power:  The rated power of Compact Substation is customizable according to customer’s needs and grid requirements. Customers can choose the rated power range based on their electricity demand and power supply situation.

Input Voltage and Output Voltage:We support different input and output voltage options to meet the electrical standards in different regions.

Component Type:  According to the customer’s requirements and local electrical standards, we support many different types of electrical components, such as isolation switches, circuit breakers, contactors, capacitors, controllers, instruments and so on.

Environmental Adaptation Solution:  According to the environmental conditions of the customer’s location, the corresponding protection solution is provided for high temperature, humidity, high salinity, high corrosion, and other harsh environments to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Wiring Method:  According to the customer’s local power system requirements and distribution layout, we provide suitable wiring method options, such as top incoming, bottom incoming, side incoming, etc.

Control and Protection System:  According to the customer’s requirements, we provide suitable control and protection system options, such as telemetry and telecontrol, fault alarm, protection relay, etc.

Equipment Size and Installation Method:  According to the conditions of the customer’s site, we provide suitable equipment size and installation method options to ensure that the switchgear can adapt to the existing layout and installation requirements.

Additional Special Requirements:  Feel free to let us know if any other requirements we didn’t list above.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, or anything you think we could help. We are here to support in any way we can!

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