CEED Electric R&D Team Is Testing The AHF

CEED Electric lnc., a leading power technology company, today announced that its latest innovation – the Active Harmonic Filter – is in the final stages of testing and is expected to be available in 2024 Q1 2024. This breakthrough product heralds a significant step forward for CEED in improving the efficiency and quality of the power grid. As a specialized manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in power equipment manufacturing, CEED Electric Inc. is committed to developing efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the growing demand for energy and environmental challenges, and the Active Harmonic Filter is designed to effectively reduce harmonic disturbances in the power system. (To learn more about AHF, please visit: https://shorturl.at/wzL14)

The AHF prototype is currently undergoing extensive testing by our R&D team to ensure optimal performance in a variety of complex power environments.

Fig. 2. Comparison of the actual voltage curves of three-phase power VS the curves

sampled by the system

(The high fit of the curves demonstrates the high accuracy of the system for grid sampling.)

Thanks to precise sampling technology and dynamic compensation algorithms, AHFs produced by CEED can, with the aid of digital signal processors and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chips, perform rapid Fourier and orthogonal decomposition calculations. This enables the active extraction of harmonic commands and compensation for harmonics within a microsecond-level control cycle.

As testing continues to progress, we hope to bring CEED’s AHF products to market soon. Follow our website and social media platforms for more updates.

About CEED Electric ln.: CEED Electric ln. is a leading company specializing in power electronics. We are committed to developing efficient and sustainable power solutions to meet the challenges of global energy demand. Talk to our product manager now to discussion your new energy solution.


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